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Immerse yourself in a world of premium quality, certified organic Matcha that embodies the essence of Japan's rich tea culture. In our webshop, we carefully source our matcha directly from renowned Japanese tea farms, nestled amidst serene mountains and lush fields. This ensures that every sip you take will transport you to the scenic landscapes where matcha has been cherished for centuries.

Where you can explore The Finest Selection of Premium MATCHA TEA

Why Matcha?

Chillout, Discover, Energize


100% free from chemicals

We commit to organic farming methods to provide matcha in our webshop that is free from harmful chemicals, pesticides and synthetic add-ons. Each time you drink a cup, you can enjoy the pure and natural matcha that is consistent with a healthy and environmentally conscious way of life.

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Ceremonial grade matcha

Discover matcha with our range of traditional matcha powder that has a bright green colour and an intricate flavour. Start your day with a calming cup of ceremonial grade matcha, famous for its smooth texture, subtle sweetness, and a lingering umami flavour.


Shopping experience

Customer satisfaction is a top priority for our Japanese Organic Matcha web shop. We are proud to provide top-quality matcha products and offer you a seamless shopping experience. We will package your matcha order carefully and send it quickly, so you can embark on your matcha journey without delay.


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